About us


We are a specialist clinic based at the Health Centre in Mendlesham, Nr Stowmarket, Mid Suffolk.  We offer treatments using non-invasive, medically proven Lipofirm PLUS technology.

Headed by Dr Raj Tanna, this medically led clinic offers both men and women treatments proven to achieve:
– inch loss
– removal of cellulite
– skin tightening
– contouring of the body
– reduction of lines and wrinkles

The clinic was set up based on concerns that current treatments for removal of lines and wrinkles and weight loss were involved surgery or are invasive to the body, e.g. botox, liposuction, dermafillers.

Dr Tanna researched and discovered new technology that produces great results in a non-invasive way using ultrasound waves (sound waves) to cause vibration to destroy the fat cells without damaging surrounding structures like the skin, blood vessels and nerves. The technology uses Ultrasonic Liposuction, Cavitation and EV lasers twin trend radio frequency. Following extensive trials we are delighted to be able to offer treatments at the Scultura Clinic at Mendlesham to target cellulite, reduce fat, and tighten skin.

Dr Tanna believes that providing a medically led service is important to ensure that the procedures are safe and professionally delivered.


Lipofirm treatments at Mendlesham, Suffolk are proven to work and they will work for you. You can lose centimetres and fat and cellulite from the targeted area on the body from the first treatment, and results are apparent from the first treatment for the skin tightening and wrinkle reducing procedures. The exact amount will vary for each individual.

Medical certification is harder to obtain than clinical trials, and the machine has been put through many tests using different people. The fact that it is medically proven is one of the reasons we use this machine – you can have complete peace of mind.