As with any medical procedure, there are certain pre-existing conditions that will preclude you from undertaking Lipofirm PLUS treatments. Please consult the list below but do contact us if you have any questions.

Cancer - Any history of Cancer is very likely to be an absolute contraindication

Severe Liver or Kidney Disease

Heart Pace Maker

Pregnancy / Breast Feeding / Trying for a Baby

Diabetes - Insulin treated DM is an absolute contraindication, but in some circumstances it may be possible to have cavitation with Non Insulin treated Type II Diabetes. Radio Frequency is contraindicated with any DM

Botox / Fillers - 2 weeks post Botox and 12-18 months post Dermal Filler, depending on the Filler type. Radio Frequency is contraindicated if Permanent Filler used


Tattoo - no treatment can be undertaken over a Tattoo

Inflamatory Bowel Disease - Crohns Disease and Ulcerative Colitis, Cavitation contraindicated

Immune System Disease - Rheumatoid Artharitis, SLE, Lupus, Hepatitis, HIV

Coldsore, skin Infection

Metal Pins, Plates, Prosthesis, Cosmetic Implants - we cannot treat any area over a Prosthesis

Severe Circulatory Problems or DVT