Frequently asked questions

How is Lipofirm PLUS Different to other machines ?

The main advantage is that this machine is Medically Certified and Clinically Proven. The company that designed and manufactured the machine have been leaders in the industry for over 20yrs. Medical Certification means the machine was put through rigorous tests using different people to ensure that it is safe and that it works.
It uses an adaptive mode which automatically adapts throughout the treatment to the type of fat being treated and has the capability to achieve fat loss, skin rejuvenation / tightening and cellulite removal all in one treatment.

Are Ultrasound Cavitation and Radio frequency safe procedures ?

Yes they are completely safe needle free non invasive procedure with virtually no side effects. The clinic is Doctor led and carried out within a GP Surgery. It does not require anesthesia and leaves no scars. The Ultrasound only targets the fatty tissue and does not affect any other structures.

What is the Consultation Procedure ?

Prior to any treatment we will provide a free full consultation which includes a medical history to firstly confirm suitability for treatment. We also spend time talking to you to identify your idea’s and expectations and combine this with our own assessment to agree on an individual treatment plan. If you wish to proceed a written consent is also obtained.

What areas can be treated ?

Ultrasound Cavitation (Fat Loss) can be performed on the legs, knees, thighs, buttocks, stomach and arms. On Men it can also be performed on the chest area. Radio Frequency skin rejuvenation and skin tightening can be used all over the body but is particularly effective on the face (fresh youthful appearance, reduce fine lines wrinkles and improving jowls), abdomen (tighten and firm loose area’s of skin), cellulite and arms (bingo wings)

What can I expect to achieve ?

The results vary from person to person and will be greatly improved with your own commitment. To date we have not had a single client that has not benefitted ! The Scultura Clinic believe that this technology is part of the best body contouring treatment available and we are achieving fantastic results with our individual approach.

Am I suitable ?

There are some medical conditions that don’t allow us to proceed our experienced Therapists will address this at the first consultation. A brief summary of the main contraindications are, Kidney and Liver disease, Pacemaker, Metal Pins, Plates, Prosthesis, Cosmetic Implants, Pregnancy and Breast Feeding, Insulin Dependent Diabetes and a history of Cancer. We must stress that there are other situations and medical conditions as well so it is best to enquire further if needed.

Is it suitable for men and women ?

The Scultura Clinic has treated both Men and Women and achieved excellent results in both.

How long is a treatment session and what can I expect with Ultrasound Cavitation and Radio Frequency ?

A typical session will last between 30mins and 1 hour but does vary depending on the area being treated. This includes preparation, treatment and post treatment procedures. During Cavitation a slight tingling sensation might be felt and a high pitched sound in the ear which in our experience becomes hardly noticeable after a few minutes, there is also a slight pressure sensation on the area being treated as the hand piece moves over the body. The Radio frequency cause a warm sensation on the surface of the skin as the deep layers are gradually heated. The skin temperature will be constantly monitored. You might notice some redness around the treatment area which usually disappears after a couple of hours.

How many treatments are required ?

The Therapist will offer a series of treatments usually 6-8 depending on the individual circumstances. You should start to see and feel improvements straight away. With Cavitation we have achieved 1-2 inches of loss around the tummy area after just one treatment and with Radio frequency you should start to see improvements after the first and second treatments with additional benefits over the following 3-6 months as new healthier collagen is formed producing tighter more natural and firmer complexion.

How long does the effect last ?

Radio Frequency boosts the amount of collagen over 3-6 months therefore the effect can last 1-2 years but this varies with individuals and is subject to a persons diet, alcohol intake, smoking and skin care regime.
Cavitation destroys fat cells and so can have a longer lasting effect which can be maintained long term with a healthier lifestyle.

Can I return to normal activities after treatment ?

Yes you can ! The procedure is completely non surgical and non invasive. so you can return to normal activities straight away.

Is there anything I should avoid or be conscious of before and after treatment ?

Cavitation and Radio Frequency work better if you are well hydrated before and after treatment therefore drinking more water and less caffeine containing drinks and alcohol is preferable. With Cavitation we recommend you avoid drinking alcohol for 72 hours either side of the treatment. For best results we advise that you avoid eating foods containing carbohydrates on the day of treatment. This allows the complex fatty acids to be excreted from the body rather than converting to energy & remaining in the body. You may find the need to urinate more afterwards as well which is due to the body eliminating some of the by products of the fat released from the cells.
With Radio Frequency there may be a slight red/pink colouration in the area you have treated which normally resolves in 1-2 hours. Also we advise to avoid heat treatments such as sunbeds, sauna’s and any exposure that would cause sunburn within a week either side of the treatment. Also it is recommended that anti-inflammatory medications like ibuprofen, naproxen, diclofenac are avoided for 4-5 dyas either side of the treatment to improve results. Obviously if theses drugs can’t be avoided for other reasons then that won’t stop you having the treatment but the results might not be as good.

Do I need to exercise or follow a strict diet afterwards ?

It is recommended that on the day of having the Cavitation treatment that you try and stay active and have a low calorie diet because the fat released from the proceadure can then be used as energy and not taken up by other fat cells. If a sensible diet and exercise regime can be incorporated into your lifestyle then the results will be maintained for longer.

Can I have further treatments after I have finished a course ?

Absolutely. In our experience you will receive fantastic results with the course of treatments prescribed by the therapist but we have found that many clients then decide to have “top up” treatments every couple of months or have another body are treated. For skin and cavitation we would recommend a rest of at least 4-6 weeks after a course has been completed.

What happens if I cancel a treatment ?

Please click here to see our cancellation policy

Is Lipofirm Plus effective for cellulite?

Cellulite appears when fat cells have too much fatty tissue. The fatty tissue causes a build up of fluids. The fat cells group together and end up stuck to collagen fibres and connective tissues. The connective tissues begin to harden and pull on their anchor points. This is when the dimple effect appears. 

Due to the way cellulite is formed Lipofirm Plus can provide spectacular results to reduce and banish cellulite. We first target the area using cavitation (fat loss) to completely destroy the fat cells in the problem area. We then follow up straight away with advanced radio frequency (skin tightening) which encourages the collagen to grow, tightening the skin to get rid of the dimples and stimulate the lymphatic system