Sam’s Story

Sam came to The Scultura clinic after having previously tried many different diets but still did not feel comfortable with her body shape. Sam had recently changed her eating habits and was taking a new approach to her weight loss, which was working with her lifestyle. She was seeing good results from her hard work and wanted a treatment, which would work along side this.

The Scultura therapists discussed with Sam her areas of concern, which was her stomach area. Sam was quite apprehensive about the treatment, thinking it would be painful, however once we talked her through it and explained that it is completely painless with no side affects her fears were put to rest. The therapist decided a treatment of 30mins Cavitation to break down the fat cells and 30min Radiofrequency to tighten and improve skin tone would give Sam the best results. On the first session measurements were taken around her abdomen and a photo was taken before the treatment, (this would happen on the first session, the forth session and the final session, eight sessions in total).

Sam was a nervous client however a few minutes in to the treatment Sam was very relaxed and enjoyed the treatment. At the end of the session Sam was looking forward to her next session. “It was relaxing but also doing me good and helping me to work towards to the shape I want”

Sam had great success and was very happy with the treatment, the Lipofirm worked alongside her diet in sculpting her shape and giving her a figure she loves.

Jan’s Story

I first met Jan when I did her makeup for her daughters wedding. She loved having her makeup done and asked me about information on any treatments that were available to help firm and tone her skin. After a consultation with one of the Scultura therapists we discussed Jan’s areas of concern and we recommended a course of 6 Radiofrequency sessions, focusing on her neckline and eye area. Radiofrequency is a skin tightening treatment that heats the deepest layers of your skin to help tighten existing collagen and stimulate the body’s natural renewal of collagen. It is an ideal treatment to improve elasticity, radiance, minimise pores, firm and tone the skin, reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

The treatment starts with a relaxing mini facial to cleanse the skin and remove dead surface skin cells then using radio frequency combining heat, stimulates collagen production and strengthen the skins structure.

Jan enjoyed her sessions: “the facial is a lovely soothing start to the treatment and the sensation of the radio frequency (heat) gets more relaxing as I got used to the it.” No treatment would be complete without the finishing touches to the radiofrequency using the Ultrox Serum, Collagen Renewal Serum and a SPF moisturiser to protect the skin.

Jan has enjoyed every one of her sessions and looks forward to them each time not only to the benefits to her skins appearance but to the complete treatment. Jan is going to continue with 'top up' sessions to continue with maintenance to her face and neck and also because she has enjoyed the treat of looking good and feeling better.

Alison’s Story

It has been wonderful to meet Alison through the Scultura Clinic and introduce her to Lipofirm. After her consultation and discussing her area of concern, 6 sessions of Radiofrequency on her face was advised. Alison has sensitive skin and it was important to explain the procedure and make sure it was comfortable at all times whilst achieving the best results.

She loves the relaxation of the Radiofrequency and the benefits it offers. Alison is a very busy lady at work and at home and for her the sessions were her time out to unwind. Alison described her treatment as her 'ironing appointment' as she felt it was ironing out the creases. She loved the feel of the mini facial and always commented on the beautiful calming smell of the Green Tea Cleanser. The Radiofrequency is always finished off with the added bonus of The Ultrox Serum known as 'Botox in a bottle' (as well as Collagen renewal serum and SPF Moisturiser) after the treatment.
We used two different hand pieces one for the face and neck the other, the globe, is more specific for around the eye and lip area.

Her appointment made her feel she had captured some 'Alison time' and once again Alison was delighted with how her skin tone and texture was more refined and toned. Her skin had a radiant glow and she also had noticed her pores had been minimised.

Alison told me she didn’t want her sessions to end, it was something she really looked forward to within her busy week. She has been telling all her friends about it and something tells me we may see her again for 'top up sessions’. A very happy and delighted client.

Clare’s Story

Clare came to Scultura Clinic after hearing about the Lipofirm treatment, she was looking to lose weight and improve the appearance of loose skin, which had stubbornly remained after a caesarean procedure following the birth of her children some years previously. Despite dieting and exercise, Clare found this area incredibly difficult to firm and tone.

Following a consultation with a Scultura therapist, it was agreed that a course of 8 treatments of Cavitation, which uses ultrasonic waves to instantly and permanently destroy fat cells and Radiofrequency, which heats the dermis (the deepest skin layer) through hand pieces without damaging the epidermis (the top layers of the skin), to stimulate new collagen growth and provide an improvement in skin laxity and appearance would be appropriate for Clare.

Prior to the first treatment, Clare was quite nervous, as she was unsure what to expect, she was also a little sceptical that the treatment would actually deliver the promised results! “I had no idea what to expect but I liked the fact that my treatment was adjusted to meet my specific requirements”. Clare found the treatment very relaxing, and was surprised at the results.

The first session resulted in Clare losing 5cm from her stomach area, which she was incredibly pleased about, but for Clare, it was the contouring to her body shape that gave her the most satisfaction.

Clare has been delighted by the visible improvements to her shape and she now feels so much more confident and is also having a positive effect on her sense of well-being. Since commencing the treatments Clare says “ I have been motivated to make positive changes to my diet and exercise regimes.”