My work uniform is now loose after just four treatments! - Carol

After a course of treatments at Scultura I can now fit into my favourite dress – I was beginning to think I would never get to wear it again! - Jenny

Even my husband has commented on the results I am getting after my visits to the Scultura clinic! - Carole

Over the years my face dropped leaving me very self conscious. I looked into Botox, but don't like needles, Facelift, but didn't want to subject myself to surgery, not to mention the cost. The Lipofirm Plus treatments were pain free and very relaxing - there wasn't a needle in sight!
I feel so much more confident. I have been visiting The Scultura Clinic since it opened and now go back for top ups every 2 months. I'm really looking forward to the opening of the pod as I currently struggle to get appointments, but once it is open I will be going very 4-6 weeks.
- Jan

I have been following the Atkins Diet and find that my Lipofirm sessions work really well alongside my diet by giving me focus, and being able to see immediate results motivates me to keep going. - Clare

I started Lipofirm treatments not really believing it could work but I was so desperate to lose a few inches that I decided to give it a go! In fact the results have been so good I have now started swimming again as I no longer feel embarrassed to be seen in my swimsuit! Win, win! - Amanda

I’m terrified of needles and the thought of surgical procedures but after years of dieting and exercise thought this would be the only option left. However, after doing some research on the internet I found a clinic very near to where I live in the heart of the Suffolk countryside offering really effective treatment with no needles or surgery. In fact the treatments are actually very enjoyable and relaxing – who would have thought it! Plus – the treatments are very reasonably priced in comparison to other options I looked at. - Wendy

I have always been slim but I have found that post-menopause the weight just piled on – and in places I never expected! My usual exercise and eating clearly didn’t work for me any more. A friend recommended Lipofirm PLUS treatments and I found that it has really helped me to regain my confidence and get my body under control again! - Gill

I’ve been going to Slimming World for several months and although I have lost 24lbs, I was still very unhappy about how I looked. I found out about Liopfirm from a makeover day I went to at dream on in Thorndon and after just 5 sessions I feel that my tummy area has really tightened and firmed and I feel that I can now really enjoy my new figure – with and without clothes on! - Kathy

Despite trying hard to lose weight by going to the gym and eating sensibly, I still had those love handles, they just wouldn’t shift! Luckily I saw an advert for the Scultura Clinic in my local magazine and having had a few sessions now I am so pleased (and surprised) at the results. Thank you Scultura. - John

I’ve never had any kind of beauty treatment before, not even my legs waxed! I really needed to do something about the cellulite that has built up on my legs. I was very wary of going to a beauty salon, but a friend told me about the Scultura clinic at Mendlesham in Suffolk, which is part of a doctors surgery and is over seen by one of the GPs there. This reassured me enough to give it a try and I am thrilled with the results. The therapists are so friendly and welcoming and I feel in very safe hands. I might even go and get my legs waxed now! - Louise

I’ve tried weight watchers on and off for years, getting good results but then putting weight back on again. Lipofirm has really helped me maintain and increase my weight loss and as an added bonus has really improved my skin texture. - Cheryl

I can’t believe after years of hiding beneath layers of make-up I now feel confident enough to go out without make-up on. My skin is so much fresher, tighter and wrinkle free. - Dana

I had 8 stomach treatments and am really very pleased with the results - Di

Who would have thought that weekly trips to the little village of Mendlesham could have such an impact on my life. Lovely therapists and the knowledge that the clinic is GP led set my mind at ease that this was a clinic I could trust. From the first treatment the changes were visible, and 6 weeks later my whole face feels lifted and brighter. I can’t wait to see my friends reaction when we get together for our annual reunion. The question is, shall I tell them my secret? - Claire

I have been plagued by cellulite on my legs since I was 12 years old. Having completed 8 sessions of Lipofirm treatments the cellulite has visibly improved and I am delighted. I intend to continue with having more treatments on a different part of my body as I am so very pleased with the results that have been achieved. - Jean

Having had a course of 6 radio frequency treatments at the Scultura Clinic I now feel so much more confident. Before the treatments I hated having my photograph taken – but now I feel like a new woman and comfortable to be photographed. I am so pleased with the results – my face is firm and toned and the wrinkles visibly reduced. I really enjoy the treatments and now top up once a month to maintain the results. - Sophie

Having noticed that my face appeared to be heading south with the sun, becoming loose and lined and worse still jowels were forming! I visited the Scultura clinic for radio therapy facial rejuvenation. I noticed results after just one session and by the time I had completed a course of 6 even my husband had noticed the improvement! The treatment was enjoyable, pain free and very relaxing. - Alison

I've tried every fat loss treatment out there, this is the one that works. - Donna

I'm doing Weighwatchers, and I find that this works well with it. - Shelley

The ladies at Slimming World can't believe my progress since I started coming to the scultura clinic I've tried every fat loss treatment out there ..this is the one that works - Kim

I looked at other Lipofirm clinics but came to the Scultura Clinic as it is GP led - Prakesh

I was cynical when I tried Lipofirm PLUS treatments on my face. However I soon noticed a difference in the tightness and firmness of my skin. A few months later I am still feeling the benefits of the treatment. - Nicki